Something my dad taught me

The other day, in the pursuit of helping my dad out, I did something rather stupid, and in doing so I annoyed him a fair bit (oh, the irony). While sitting in the car afterwards, I was reminded that my dad teaches me every time something like this happens.

No matter what, don’t stay angry.

Now don’t get me wrong, anger is a useful emotion, it allows us to say what we’re really thinking and finally let out that frustration that’s been building up for oh so long. But that usefulness has its limitations. After a while the anger isn’t really doing anything, it’s not helping you or relieving you of frustration, it’s just there, festering and becoming more bitter with each minute that you let it consume you.

Here’s where my dad comes in. I have never seen him be angry at something for too long. He somehow holds on to it for just the right amount of time, and then lets it go. If you’ve been around him long enough you’ll notice the pattern.

Incident – Anger – Calm and humour

A little while ago when another family member was angry at themselves for something that happened, my dad said something that I’ll never forget.”Just let it go, there’s no point upsetting yourself about something you can’t change.” I really do think that’s advice to live by, and it’s definitely gotten me through some situations where I just wanted to hold onto my anger and let it wreak havoc. If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this post, it’s those words. Oh, and a few final words of advice, never let yourself wake up angry.





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  1. Your dad is a wise man ! I’ll try to think of this next time I feel myself getting angry !

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